Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Garden, Full Of Bloom.

The garden is blooming this time of year. Everything is at it's best. The hanging baskets are full, petunia's overflowing, lobelia trailing gracefully and the geraniums are still vibrant. My big purple clematis has bloomed for the second time this year, such a pleasure to see a plant burst into colour twice in one season. The hydrangea's are in flower, although not quite to perfection but they improve with every year. The summerhouse has become camouflaged by a self seeded Himalayan honeysuckle and a stray bright blue Buddleja, both surprises, both welcomed. Really, I should cut everything back but I like how they have become so jungle like, cocooning my summer hideaway. My lavender has thrived in pots this summer, brought back to life after I almost lost them last year. I adore their scent, it instantly calms me, as I inhale their rich aroma. 

Yes, the garden is blooming even though it is still halfway through a makeover, but that doesn't stop it from providing relaxation and pleasure to all who enter.


Saturday, 19 July 2014

What We Like To Do To Be Active With The Family

As some of you already know we love to be outdoors as much as possible.  Our favourite thing to do is walk and as we are lucky enough to live a two minute walk from the coast, we walk our coastline daily. Walking is something we have always done together as a family, even when we lived in London I would pack my two eldest into their double buggy and walk to the city farm almost everyday. I just have to get outside and enjoy some greenery. It helps me to relax and gives a great opportunity to have real conversations with the family, away from any distractions.

As the kids have grown we still do everything together, even the older kids that have flown the nest still enjoy spending time together, active as a family. 

Nature is special to us, and we have always appreciated our local environment, so wherever we are, we enjoy our landscape, whether we are living in the countryside or the city, everywhere has something to offer for families to be active together.

                                     What do you like to do to be active with the family?


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